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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm so gonna "make and shake" a Shekere!

I fell in love with the Shekere whilst trapped at Guitar Center with Jason and Joshua of The Little People. What was meant to be a quick trip for guitar strings turned into an epic journey deep into the heart of GC.

Left to my own devices, I managed to sniff out some beads! They came in the form of a percussive gourd instrument called a Shekere. It is natural or fiberglass gourd with a net of pony beads around the outside to make a sound similar to Maracas. Even cooler than Maracas, the Shekere can be manipulated in all sorts of ways to make all different sounds. Click the title to this entry for a link to instructions on how to create your own instruments and even instructions on how to play it!


  1. What a fun beading project to make an instrument. I love the texture of beadwork and play with my pieces all of the time so it is a fun thought that you could make a piece that attracts another of the senses. I wonder if adding essential oils to the threads for an even more sensational piece would make them deteriorate.

  2. I bet you could add scent! Or maybe use sandalwood beads; they naturally have a really nice smell.



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